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We are pleased to announce a new venture into the world of Google Glass!

We are pleased to announce a new venture into the world of Glassware, the new type of software that will be developed for Google Glass. We are teaming up with a Google Glass Explorer at who has over 25 years’ experience in the software and computer hardware industries, including experience in big data, specification development and has been a contributor to many mobile apps, web apps and many other software projects.

Glass offers us the chance to move into a new era of programming and apps with a completely new type of user interaction and use. The challenges that lie ahead require some expansive thinking but we are ready and have the technical capability to produce world class Glassware applications, utilities and functionality. We do not simply see Glass as a new business opportunity – we know that wearable computers and the miniaturization of components are changing the face of programming and computing in general. The ability to use of Google’s cloud for processing and storage with Glass presents some incredible opportunities to use data and API’s in ways that were not previously possible. The difference in user engagement, the hands-free aspect and the Glass interface all offer tremendous possibilities. With we want to really explore what is possible with Glassware and look forward to a lasting and fruitful relationship.
Andrey Kudievskiy



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