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Vine Branches To Android As Ad Agencies Place Hope In Its Viral Content Potential

The sad, the funny and odd are often easily captured in 6 seconds, and advertising agencies might be able to make great use of such moments using Vine.

Vine Branches Out To Android

In October of 2012, Twitter acquired a tiny mobile app development startup called Vine. Vine enables you to use the camera on your phone or tablet to make videos up to six seconds in length. Since it conception Vine was only available only for iOS, but of course from a business perspective, making anything just for iOS may be limiting a mobile apps sales potential.

Android users comprise more than half all mobile users in the U.S and more than 70% of the worlds mobile OS users. Twitter obviously knows such and obviously also saw a need to port this latest video venture of theirs over to Android devices for just such reasons. A couple of weeks ago it finally happened and Vine for Android is now available for users of versions 4.0 and greater.

Vine In The World of Media Advertising

The six-second videos Vine captures may not seem like much time to most people, but in the world of advertising, six-seconds might as well almost be forever. In January of 2013, the BBC said of Vine that it has, “a mesmeric quality ... A bewildering carousel of six-second slices of ordinary life rolls past”. The BBC also added that, “like so many new social media platforms, advertising agencies have been quick to seize on the potential of Vine??.

Brand Republic ran an article entitled, “20 brands experimenting with Vine video ads” to back up the BBC report that ad agencies are attempting to find ways to use Vine as a viable media source. The report noted that although there has been some skepticism among ad agencies about how Vine could be used, it has been observed that what Vine seems to be able to make for the perfect form of advertising that will most likely go viral, and that really seems to be the trend for Vine, no matter who uses it.
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