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Top 10 Myths About iOS Mobile Apps Development

Myth 1: It’s easy to start developing for iOS.
In fact, it is not as easy as it might seem. An average college graduate can’t cope without help. You must have a Mac to start development (minimum cost is about $1000), you must have a paid Apple Developer Program ($99), and you will definitely need iPhone and iPad devices since the iPhone Simulator is generally incapable of meeting your needs.

Myth 2: It takes a lot of time to master programming for such a complicated platform.
As a matter of fact, Apple has done its best to simplify the life of an iOS developer, and it keeps making improvements. The platform itself is so closed that Apple is really able to describe any possible scenarios you may run into. In fact, a developer has to follow a very narrow path and is not given a chance to diverge from the route.

Myth 3: Some tasks can’t be implemented without jailbreaking!
Managers commonly hear this statement from developers. Can we find out whether some particular app is installed? Is it possible to record the screen of other apps? Is it possible to lock the Home button? Based on WeezLabs experience, we must admit that many things that seem impossible and inconsistent with Apple’s security policy are, in fact, feasible but require more time for investigation. We suggest trying to find a documentary confirmation before believing that anything is impossible.

Myth 4: It is a matter of luck whether or not your app will hit the top at App Store.
This is not exactly the case. If you look through the list of apps that usually go to the top, you will see that most often they are the apps from well-known publishers, remakes of old hits or something similar.

Myth 5: It is extremely interesting and fascinating to develop apps for iOS.
It’s not a myth- it’s a fact! :)

Myth 6: There is an Apple certification for iOS developers.
Unfortunately (or as luck would have it), Apple doesn't certify iOS developers.

Myth 7: Development for iPhone and iPad is just the same as desktop development.
Though iOS development is more similar to desktop development than it is to web development, it is not the same. It is a completely different type and psychology of interaction between a user and a device. The conditions of utilization are different as well as a great many other things.

Myth 8: Multitasking
There is significant misunderstanding related to this notion. You should keep in mind that multitasking of your apps has its challenges. You must ensure a timely reaction to any system event to make it possible for some tasks to be carried out in background mode. It is necessary to know what types of apps have the capability to work in background mode.

Myth 9: The submission procedure to App Store always takes about two weeks.
True to an extent, but users can influence this time frame. For this reason, you can find a special form at the Apple site that you can use in case it is crucial for you to release your app within two or three days.

Myth 10: To learn to program using Objective-C programming language you must perfectly learn C at first.
Knowledge of С is helpful, but you can also start learning Objective-C from scratch.

The Biggest Myth
It is easy to compose Top 10 Myths About iOS Development :)
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