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Top 10 Mistakes in Web Development

1. It is difficult to create a site
Actually, about 99% of all websites fit perfectly into some existing free CMS according to the required functionality. It’s only necessary to create a design and implement it. From the technical point of view, it is a routine rather than a technical hurdle, but it really takes time. You can have the whole site completed within a week, but you will spend an additional four weeks modifying tiny details and introducing minor corrections to refine the site.

2. My site must be all-inclusive
I need a blog, a forum, a store, a payment system, online support, and, of course, a pretty little pussy cat on the main page. All users must register, comment, and vote – there must be ratings, Google maps, a weather forecast, RSS….Stop! You don’t really need it! In fact, users visit companies’ websites to find information about their products and services, read a bit of feedback and perhaps purchase something online. This means your site must be capable of these specific things. The rest of the features are unneeded and cause unnecessary development delays and costs. Of course, we are referring to those typical 99% of sites. There are the 1% exceptions that do not fit this rule, but those are mostly unusual start-up projects.

3. I have my site developed. Now I am sure to have thousands of customers
Your new website is like a recently opened shop somewhere on the outskirts of town. It exists, but no one knows about it. By chance a visitor can find it by surfing the Internet, but that rare occurrence is not going to meet your needs. It’s not enough to create a site - it’s also necessary to promote it. How can you do that? It totally depends on what you are trying to achieve. At the very least, you must register your website on search engines, and if you are going to provide any products or services, it’s necessary to arrange some reviews at the relevant resources. There are lots of different methods and systems of promotion based on various factors, and that is a completely separate topic of discussion that might be touched upon in one of my subsequent postings. The bottom line is a new website must be promoted so large numbers of potential customers will see it.

4. It’s utterly easy and not time-consuming at all to change the design of a website
This is one of the most unpleasant fallacies in web development since it can be difficult to explain. Just imagine that you have a house, and you happen to see completely new and fascinating lighting system at the house of one of your friends, where electric bulbs are arranged to form a magnificent pattern all over the ceiling and walls. You make up your mind to create something like that in your house. You find some variant that you really like, but your wiring will not cope with the load and you have to change it. So, you have to chip off paint, peel off wallpaper, make holes in the drywall, switch off the electricity while all this work is being carried out, then plaster, paint and paper the walls again. Then, as a result of all that work and your cool new lighting system, you notice that your floors don’t match your lighting. So, you decide to change the floors, and so on… Changing the design of a website without a comprehensive plan to address all aspects of the site can be the same type of ordeal. For example, adding a new search form, you make a developer re-develop a great part of functionality relevant to the search in general.

5. To correct a little mistake is always easy
Usually, the trickiest thing is to find the smallest mistake. As a rule, 99% of such mistakes are just typing errors, which is an inevitable human factor. And it often takes several times as much time as was initially planned to correct such mistakes.

6. It is easier to continue development than to develop from scratch
If you had a site developed from scratch, but the development was not completed, don’t ask a new development team to take up the legacy code and complete the site. While completing the site they will likely have to re-develop everything that was developed before. It is much cheaper, faster and easier to ask for a new site developed from scratch.

7. I want to have a CMS developed from scratch only
It’s like reinventing a wheel. If you have seen anything that you want to have – take it and use it – even if you have to pay for it! It isn’t worth asking someone to develop the same for you from scratch. First, you will pay more for the development, and second, the result may not be better than the ready-made solution.  Third, when you use open source or a paid solution, you automatically get the community’s or provider’s support and updates.

8. The developers only talk about their work, but there is no progress
Besides the exterior view of the site, the real magic hides in its code and databases that also require quite a lot of time to be developed, designed and debugged. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to visualize the development progress.

9. This developer is an idler – he’s added just 10 lines of code today
The development of a website is definitely about quality not quantity. To use another construction analogy, when building a house, using 10,000 bricks rather than just 10 will generally result in a stronger structure.  In web development, 10,000 rows of bad code are worth less than 10 rows of thoughtful, quality code that we write. Every tiny line of code can actually be a wall, a support or even a bridging for a whole floor.

10. I can create a site myself. It’s easy. Just take a CMS and that’s that!
It is quite possible that you can cope with some part of the work, but you will certainly bump into problems and hurdles that will deadlock you for extended periods of your valuable time. And, if you are able to finally have your site launched, it will likely be something different from what you really wanted. It’s best to leave this work for professionals, so you get exactly the product you envisioned. Hire an experienced web developers to build a successful website. If you're ready to create a stellar website, contact WeezLabs in Los Angeles, California for all of your website development needs!
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