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Texture is a simple messaging app that lets users perform mad-lib-style actions on each other. An example would be: “Michael karate-chopped John’s face”.

If this sounds silly and trivial, it should. The app is built for the mobile generation, a generation fed up with the seriousness of Facebook, and the permanence of the internet in general.

The purpose of Texture is to enable authentic (and often silly) communication between two people whether is on their phone or Apple watch. For this reason, there’s no chat history. Much like Snapchat, content disappears after it’s consumed (although Texture has no countdown timer, so it’s slightly less James Bond-ish).

Texture was created by Jesse Tevelow, in partnership with WeezLabs Inc. Tevelow is a graduate of the original TechStars program (Boulder, 2007), and previously cofounded PlayQ, a gaming company.

Here’s how Texture fits into the current landscape of social apps:

  • Facebook is where you share only the best and most publicly acceptable elements of your life with your friends and family.
  • Instagram is where you share carefully curated photos with friends and strangers.
  • Snapchat is where you share your life as-it-happens with friends and strangers.
  • Tumblr is where you anonymously share silly and inappropriate things with strangers.
  • Texture is where you share silly and inappropriate things with your closest friends.

The product has three areas of focus:

  1. Expression: Uninhibited interaction, customized content, emotional experience.
  2. Simplicity: Minimalist design, ease of use.
  3. Privacy: Ephemeral content, minimal personal data collection.

The big picture for Texture is much deeper than mad-lib style messaging. The long-term vision is to create a platform that would allow third-party content to be integrated into the system, giving users a central place to ‘mess around’ with their friends.

Texture creates a whole new world of expression that will bring your chats to life! So what are you waiting for? Download Texture here.

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