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Step Three to Develop Your App or Website: Creating Your Wireframes/UX Flow

Stage three of pre-development is when we really bring your idea to life.

In the last stage, we determined what your app or website needs to deliver in order to successfully appeal to your target market.

Now, we’re going to take all the data we’ve obtained and use it to create the foundation for exactly how your app or website is going to work.

We begin by determining the UX flow. The UX flow is the broad idea of how your users will navigate your app or website once they open it up. For example, what buttons will they click to get where they need to go, and what will they see along the way?

app design wireframes

Once that’s taken care of, our team gets to work creating the wireframes. Your wireframes are a tangible representation of how the end product will work. They show you exactly what your users will see as they move through your app or website.

This stage of the process is important to the overall success of your project, because it’s all about establishing a strong foundation. Your wireframes ensure that everything works the way it’s supposed to, so your users don’t end up with a blank screen, an error message, or something else that will lessen their opinion of – and thus their willingness to use – your app or website.

Next up we’re going to talk about stage four, “The Design”. Everyone loves this stage, because it’s when we beautify your project and you get to see what your app or website will ultimately look like.

Ready to get started? Get the details on the fourth stage of pre-development  right here.

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