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Step One to Develop Your App or Website: “The Kick Off”

We also refer to “The Kick Off” as the “Verbal Diarrhea Stage” of app and website development. Once you have yours, you’ll understand why.

“The Kick Off” takes place during your very first meeting with the WeezLabs development team. This is when we discuss your idea in excruciating detail and create a comprehensive game plan for its development.

First, you tell us everything you want your app or website to be. We need to really understand your vision, so hold nothing back! Tell us what you want your app or website to accomplish; what you want it to look like; the problem you’re trying to solve; and how you want it to change the world.

Next, you’ll share with us any assets you already have, including designs, wireframes, investors, business plans, business strategy, etc. If you don’t have any assets yet, that’s okay! We’ll help you create them later on.

app design

Throughout this stage, we’ll also bring our years of experience in app and website development to ensure your project’s success. Our team will be on the lookout for any problems or glaring issues with your idea, and present suggestions for ironing them out before development begins.

Once we’ve discussed all of this information, we’ll present you with a comprehensive, all-encompassing game plan. You’ll walk away from this stage knowing exactly what our partnership will look like; how your app or website will develop; and all of the timelines and deliverables.

So, that’s the general gist of the first stage of pre-development, “The Kick Off.” Are you excited yet?

Next up, we’re going to go into detail about stage two, “The Research Stage”. This will give you a better understanding of how we ensure your project’s success, by immersing ourselves in your target market.

Ready to get started? Get the details on the second phase of pre-development right here.

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