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Step Five to Develop Your App or Website: Building Your Prototype

Step five is beyond exciting, because it’s when you get to see and experience the fruits of our pre-development labor.

During this stage we transform all of the work we’ve done thus far into a beautiful, fully interactive prototype – complete with animations, transitions, and gestures for web, iOS, and Android.

While this is not the actual app or website and cannot be downloaded or visited online, it is fully functional. You can use it, click it, and move from screen to screen. It’s an accurate representation of what the final product will look like and how it will work.

You can then use your prototype as a tool to secure financial backing. In general, most investors require a prototype and presentation before they agree to fund your project, because they want to know exactly what the end product will look like.

Prototype - app development

You can also use your prototype to generate buzz in the media world by giving people a sneak peak at what the future holds. This is far more effective than simply talking about your idea or presenting drafts and drawings of what your project could look like.

Your prototype is something tangible – something that the media, investors, and future users can’t help but notice.

On our final post about pre-development, we’re going to talk about how to protect your idea throughout this entire process, and what you’ll need to do to ensure your success down the road.

Ready to get started? Get the details on the final stage of pre-development  right here.

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