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Parallax Websites: Changing The Way Viewers Perceive Your Site & Value Your Business

Perhaps you’d like to convert more site visits into actual sales or maybe you're just looking for that new cutting edge site design look that will keep people tuned into to your pages and flipping through content (which actually happens to generate sales as well if you're running ads). No matter what, if you haven't tuned-up the appearance of your site recently, then perhaps you need to stop there before you think any further or about anything else. Consider a parallax website.

A parallax website will put your viewers in a 3D world while in their 2D environment and give your content a new look and feel that they’ll appreciate, so let's trace the premise of parallax to understand what it is first, then let’s consider together how we can help you use it to the fullest.

Perspective shapes all that we experience in life. Whether it be something we hear, something we see or something we merely think, we all usually have a somewhat unique perspective on each experience we have within the same environments. In a 3D world, we may all see the same 3D objects (planes, trains, automobiles, etc.), but from different angles, and immediately a unique perspective that’s all our own is created from the parts of the object to its whole. A perspective that usually differs in degree from any other person that also viewed the same object. In short, it can be said that our perspective is what makes all our experiences unique.

When it comes to the world of web design in cyberspace though, for many years now 2D site design has reigned supreme and has extremely limited the ability for site viewers to gain a unique perspective on the content the sites deliver. Go to nearly 95% (or more) of the current websites on the web you'll find that as you look at images and scroll down the page, you'll see nothing but that static image (or group of static images) scrolling up and down the page as the next products come into view. Life in cyberspace doesn't have to be so perspectively monotonous though and by changing they way your viewers / customers see your site, it can really make a difference on what they purchase, how often they come and even the number of referrals they send your way just to view your unique place of business. The answer is design a parallax website.

Enter parallax websites.

Consider a real world instance. You're a passenger in a car traveling down the highway. As you look out of the window you focus on the trees nearest you, just off the side of the road. The trees appear to be moving by you at rapid speeds, but if you look at the mountains in the far distance way beyond the trees, they don't seem to be moving nearly as fast. There you have a parallax effect.

One of the most notable places you'll find parallax implemented on a major public scale in in the way of Apple's' latest iOS 7 release.

Our high-level design process makes for high-level apps for iOS and Android devices

The use of parallax has an almost endless use in site design because it's based on the concept of viewing a 3D world as we commonly experience it, not a 2D cyberworld that we've become accustomed to over our 25 years on the web thus far. Parallax puts the viewer into a familiar world that’s often times as richly entertaining, as it is equally as rewarding for the site owner through customer comments of appreciation and referrals.

Here are a couple examples of live works for you:

Take a look at this great parallax design:

If you’d like to consider giving your site a new parallax feel contact WeezLabs for a no obligation quote and being your site transformation into the present future of parallax web design. We’re here to help you along with your ideas and bring them to life.

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