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Our Glass Is In The Office

Google glass Android


What Google Glass App would you like to see?

   Well, they’re here. Our Google Glass Explorer Limited Edition techno-spectacles are in the office and we’re excited not only to be one of the relatively few in the world to acquire them, but to also be one of the much fewer that will actually be developing Google Glass Apps for them at the moment as well. We’d like to get your feedback and thoughts on what you’d like to see us create. If you already have something in mind you can immediately drop down to the Comments or email us and let us know! If you’d like a little inspiration to help warm up your imagination before responding though, then read on

Our Acknowledgment of This Next Turning Point In The World Technology

Truly, this another monumental point in the world of technology for us. Almost synonymous with the release of the smartphone and tablet and the apps we create for them (Our Projects), except this time Google is first to hit the street with this amazing new computing eyewear technology that’s sure to change the world no less than the smartphone and tablet have. 

By now you’ll find millions of people describing Glass, but one of the best and modestly unbiased descriptions you’ll find is a wiki source on Google Glass1. The facts are great and will grow day after day, year after year, even as this Explorer Edition flourishes into the actual Consumer Edition, but before we throw the question your way, “So what do you want us to make?”, let’ do a quick rundown on what Google Glass is, how it works and what you see when you’re wearing it.

What is Google Glass, How It Works & What You See

Google glass Android

    Google Glass is to be the first mass produced wearable computing eyewear. It operates much like an Android smartphone with its swipe gestures and voice    activated controls. Unlike an Android smartphone though, it has no built-in radio that can connects to a cellular network so in order to get out to the Internet Google Glass needs to either tether to your smartphone via Bluetooth or use a signal via a Wi-Fi connection.

Most people wonder what the images look like when wearing Google Glass. The display is equivalent to viewing a 25” screen from about 8’ away. Most people can imagine that considering the average size of today’s standard LCD/LED television monitors. If you don’t have one or can’t imagine it though, then next time you pass an A/V shop just stand 8 feet away from a 25 inch display, and there you have it. It’s not difficult to read and although the display is not HD (640x360), it’s still nice for viewing and using the current primary functions Google ships with Google Glass:

  • Google Now
  • Google Hangouts
  • Sending Messages
  • Google Maps w/ Navigation (walking, biking, driving)
  • Video Capture w/ Social Posting
  • Pictures Taking
  • Place a call

Rather than give an in-depth description of each and every feature, we’d prefer to leave the feature use to your imagination. Perhaps you’ll come up with some thrilling ideas completely unthought of and really that’s what we’re trying to get here because pretty soon Google Glass Apps will surely be the talk of the global-tech community, then the world at large.

No Google Glass App Store Yet But It’s Coming

According to Marketing Land2, the New York Times says that Google’s, “app store is coming next year, when Glass is available to the general public.” So at the moment there’s no official Google Glass App Store to speak of. There are a number sites that can be found cataloging the current Google Glass developments though and a pretty good list is kept at Glass Almanac3, as well as Glass-apps.org4

What Would Google Glass App Would You Like To See Us Make?

A quick look through either of those sites will give you an idea of what’s happening in the development of Google Glass Apps. We’d like to get your feedback on new concepts and ideas though. Concepts and ideas for Google Glass Apps that you’d like to see!

Feel free to leave us a comment or shoot us an email on whatever Google Glass App you can imagine and would like to see the moment you too adorn yourself with these trendy eyewear computing devices. We'd love to get your feedback!!


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