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Open Coding to Give Way to Surge of Cool Apps for Car Infotainment Systems

A car’s infotainment system often tips the balance for customers looking to buy a new car. With a younger generation of tech-savvy kids gaining more purchasing power, car manufacturers are looking into connectivity as a major area on their design table.

Car manufacturers anticipate this trend by opening up its coding systems to web and mobile app developers. Ford and GM, for example, are leading the way to generating more apps that will allow drivers to download conveniently without worrying about compatibility with their infotainment system by sharing a software development kit with qualified web designers and developers. Cool!

One, the move will keep a car’s infotainment system fresh. New and better apps are being developed ever so quickly nowadays—one may be up today and obsolete tomorrow. Opening their source codes will keep Ford and GM’s cars in tune with current developments over time. More web developers, such as California’s WeezLabs, will gain participation in pushing for more technological advances in car design.
Two, the move is so user friendly that drivers will now get to customize their dashboard with apps that are more suited to their needs and taste. Under the current set-ups, some drivers are constrained use their phones or tablets to access apps that are important to them. Long-haul truck drivers, for example, still use laptops to access web apps that will help them anticipate traffic and weather in their destination. With Ford’s and GM’s move, those apps may now make the leap from handheld or laptop devices into the dashboard console, leaving the drivers hands free to make manoeuvres!
Three, web developers can now develop apps that are compatible with existing infotainment systems and increase the inventory of apps available. To facilitate selection, GM is even creating an app catalogue for its next-generation infotainment systems that will showcase apps according to category and vehicle make. Basically, the most sought after categories are music and entertainment, news and navigation. GM maintains three semi-unique infotainment set-ups - MyLink for Chevvies, IntelliLink for Buicks and GMCs, and CUE for Cadillacs.
“There will be a category of apps that will be unique to our cars and very different from what people use today on their smart phones or tablets,” Phil Abram, GM’s Chief Infotainment Officer, told Automotive Engineering International. “It’s not just taking phone apps and making them function in a car, which most car companies do in some form now.”
Of course, there are more reasons to laud open-coding car infotainment systems: it will revolutionize ownership experience, level the web design market, spur apps development, and pave the way for more car manufacturers to follow suit with their technological advances. All the more reason to anticipate the car of the future!

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