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Google Glass: It's About To Change The Way We Think

Google Glass isn't yet available for public retail sale but it seems to have already marked out 2013 as the year where consumer technology will take a turn in ways that no one probably ever expected (except the minds at Google).

Many of us know that science fiction often times becomes reality. Just look at the numerous books and films that once depicted the future of what they thought would be hi-tech and you'll probably notice that many of the concepts are now in existence today. From their retail beginnings, computers have been somewhat marginalized to desktop or handheld devices. The next frontier of wearable intelligent devices has been eagerly awaiting its materialization though and the awaited science fiction concepts are now approaching reality.

Wearable watches with limited computing capability have been around for more than a couple of decades now but were never popular due to their extremely limited functionality. With the latest advancements in ARM computing though, even smart-watches are now seeing amazing media coverage and are apparently set for rapid deployment soon, right along with the next hi-tech trend in intelligent-glasses.

The global information analysts at IHS of London already foresee nearly 10 million Google Glass shipments from 2012 to 2016.

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Ironically, although Google Glass is clearly a milestone in wearable technology and is set to shift things quite a bit in the mobile markets (just as the smart-phone & the tablet each had their turn at doing so), Google Glass has already gained a share of detractors as well.

From bars to cafes people have raised somewhat pointless objections to the wearing of Google Glass in establishments. The objections are somewhat pointless because most claim that the exceptional ability of Google Glasses lead to a breach of privacy. Let's take a moment though and simply recall a similar time when people objected to cell phones that were all of a sudden capable of taking pictures. Now people rarely even think twice about the fact that they can be recorded in full HD video and uploaded to the world wide web immediately by smart-phones. Without going into too much on the topic of this cyclical privacy issue, I'll just point to a well written article in Time Magazine that spoke on the unfounded fears of Google Glass. As the article said, even Kodak cameras in the 1800's were, “banned from beaches after people snuck photos of female sunbathers. It was outlawed from the Washington Monument. It struck fear in the hearts of those who valued privacy.”

Google Glass is almost here and as with all things; a bit of time & change occurs; as we change the way we think. Welcome the present future – Google Glass.

Andrey Kudievskiy



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