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A Few New Features of iOS 7

“The biggest change to iOS since the iPhone” - Apple CEO, Tim Cook

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Due out in fall 2013, iOS 7 is almost here. It was debuted just a couple of days ago though and it appears to look more up to date thanever before. Far more than even Apple’s greatest fans probably expected.

With the release of iOS 6 Apple ran into some problems with the functionality of the operating system. Consequently the executive ranks of the company’s suffered, but Apple pieced things back together putting Jon Ivein top ranks over iOS development, and it appears as though the changing of the executive guards has brought about some drastic improvements.

It’s important to note here that Jon Ive began working with Apple in 1992 and it can be said that his first major project at Apple was overseeing the development of the iMac. He was extremely influential in the development of it. Understanding that may shed immense light on why the latest new features of iOS 7 have a similar simplicity and elegance in design that was also seen during that time in Apple’s history.

Here’s Jon now, talking about the latest new features of iOS7. Take a look:

I've says that he believes that “there is a profound and enduring beauty in simplicity, in clarity, in efficiency” and this latest iPhone pretty much proves his point. It’s by far the most significant design change since the conception of iOS in 2007, and the new features of iOS 7 surely back him up. Let’s take a look at a few of can somewhat be considered some of the top new features of iOS 7.

1. Security

Need we say more. In New York alone back in 2012, CNet reported that iPhone and iPad thefts climbed an astounding 40% within about a half years time. The crime of stealing iDevices has become so pervasive in the city that the law enforcement has even now simply termed it “Apple picking”. With iOS 7, Apple may very well be putting an end to the crime phenomena.

The first of our top new features of iOS 7 is Apple’s new Activation Lock. This new theft deterrent feature will disable your iPhone if the culprit ever turns it off or if they ever attempt to erase your information. Don’t worry though. If you accidentally mis-Activate Lock your phone due to a false call or what have you, you can easily reactivate it after you log into it with your Apple ID / password.

2. Automatic App Updates

It’s official folks. If you’ve hoped and hoped for the day you’d no longer have to mess around with the App Store to get your latest updates, well iOS 7 just made your dream come true.

For most people, it seems that updating their apps is more of an annoyance than a pleasure, and I suppose rightfully so. Apple is supposed to “just work” right? Well, iOS 7 is headed that direction and very soon all your apps will now be automatically updated, with no user intervention required.

3. iTunes Radio

As if Pandora didn’t already have enough to worry about, they’re soon to have some serious competition from Apple. This was expected for quite sometime. In fact Apple did some serious negotiating with record execs earlier this year and managed to strike some amazing rate deals with the music companies.

If you’ve ever listened to the radio and disliked the fact that you knew you heard a song on a station, but missed what it was, then you’ll be happy to know that iTunes Radio is about to fix that for you.

One of the new features in iOS 7 and iTunes Radio will give you the ability to see the entire list of songs a station has played. You can also of course buy them right there through an automated redirection to the iTunes store. Similar to Pandora, iTunes Radio will also give you the ability to star songs, thus letting the system know you would like to hear more songs such as that. Oh and iTunes Match users get no ads. Everyone else, well, you’ll be able to use the app at no charge of course, but ads will be part of the play.

4. Appearance

At last and thankfully not forgotten.

Typically the look of a phone's screen an fonts probably wouldn’t be considered a new feature, but after about 6 years of the same look, it sure does come to mean a lot at the moment. Therefore we’re including the latest look as a new features of iOS 7.

To start, iOS 7 has a brand new font and it truly changes the look and visual feel of the device. The thin lines are very neat in appearance and never hard on the eyes. Also your native app icons now are now flat buttons and have a very Jon Ive’ish look and feel to them.

There a number of other enhancements to the appearance of the new iOS as well, it’s best just to give you some quick ideas as to what some of them are because I’m sure we’ll be hearing about them all for quite some time to come.

The phone dialer has digits that invert color when you touch them and then the color slowly fades out. Basically letting you know that you’ve hit the key - no more wondering.

The notifications panel now has a flat design, look & feel, just as the other parts of the iOS. There’s also a view that gives you an overall view of the day where you’ll see your calendar, birthdays, stocks, and more. Including what’s coming up in the day ahead. ?

To get a deep peek at the numerous new features of iOS 7, I’d recommend taking a look at a TechCrunch overview. Overall, it now seems as though Apple is regaining it’s “coolness” status that it had somehow lost as their cutting edge innovativeness took back seat to companies such as Samsung. It’s good to see that Apple is still top notch competition and that the new features of iOS 7 are growing proportionately with the times.

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