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October 3rd 2013

The Future Goes App

No pun intended. The future is, indeed, going the direction of mobile apps as 85% of smartphone users say they prefer mobile apps over mobile web sites, according to a recent Compuware report. However, only 28% say they actually had a better experience using mobile apps as against websites. While the difference between preference as against actual experience may be vast, Compuware is quick to shrug off the discrepancy.

“The big news is that the vast majority of users prefer mobile apps over mobile Web sites,” said Stephen Pierzchala, technology strategist at Compuware APM Center of Excellence. “Specifically, when consumers were asked about the benefits of using a mobile app versus a mobile Web site, the majority said they preferred mobile apps primarily because apps are more convenient, faster and easier to browse.”

September 21st 2013

Integrating Push Notifications for Cross-Platform Apps

At WeezLabs, most of our customers ask us to develop an app not for just one device, but for a variety of different platforms. Cross-Platform development enables us to build the app for multiple devices in less time, and it’s usually more cost effective for the client, since building the app natively on different devices can add considerable time and cost to the project.

Cross-Platform development is a must from so many of our clients, and another frequently requested feature is Push Notification Service. However, Push Notifications are not included in the PhoneGap API.

So how would you implement push notifications on a Cross-Platform App? Let’s take a look at the following test case where we implemented Push Notifications on an Android App. This solution can also be implemented to iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone apps as well.
September 16th 2013

Open Coding to Give Way to Surge of Cool Apps for Car Infotainment Systems

A car’s infotainment system often tips the balance for customers looking to buy a new car. With a younger generation of tech-savvy kids gaining more purchasing power, car manufacturers are looking into connectivity as a major area on their design table.

Car manufacturers anticipate this trend by opening up its coding systems to web and mobile app developers. Ford and GM, for example, are leading the way to generating more apps that will allow drivers to download conveniently without worrying about compatibility with their infotainment system by sharing a software development kit with qualified web designers and developers. Cool!

One, the move will keep a car’s infotainment system fresh. New and better apps are being developed ever so quickly nowadays—one may be up today and obsolete tomorrow.
September 5th 2013

WeezLabs Designs New DoggCatcher Podcast Player

WeezLabs, Inc. has completed a new design for the acclaimed DoggCatcher podcast player, the first Podcatcher in the Google Market. The integrated Audio/Video player manages a user’s podcasts and RSS/news feeds and makes it possible to play downloaded audio/video, stream audio over network Wi-Fi/cell and remember the play position of media files.
DoggCatcher Podcast Plyer
August 7th 2013

Investing in Mobile App Development

Are you thinking about investing in a mobile app that will be available on Apple and Android operating systems? Many apps are developed without a significant amount of preliminary research and development, but taking the time to invest in the development stage of the process keeps costs under control and boosts the chance of success.

Organizing the Project
Start by determining the purpose of the app. A company that is developing a professional app may want to make the brand more recognizable, but brand awareness cannot be the main goal of an app. Providing users with a useful service or an entertaining way to pass the time could be broad goals to start off the development process.



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